10 Reasons to Love Menstrual Cups

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Menstrual cup

Recently Menstrual Cups are increasing in both familiarity and popularity among girl worldwide. Where tampons had been once  the sanitary security of option for an incredible number  of women, menstrual cups are steadily eating into their market and the term is spreading on  how much better they truly are than disposable tampons for both the user’s human anatomy plus  the environment.

Menstrual cup

Why do those who know about menstrual cups love them so much?
Why do therefore many women  who have tried them refuse point blank to return to disposable sanitary protection?

Each individual has her own reasons that are personal but here are 10 of the very common:

1. Menstrual cups can be used for several years and only one is necessary, making them far cheaper overall than buying tampons or disposable sanitary pads every thirty days.

2. Menstrual cups are not thrown away after each and every use like tampons are, making them more environmentally helping and friendly to reduce rubbish.

3. Menstrual cups do not cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, a potentially serious condition that can be triggered by the use of tampons.

4. Menstrual cups are constructed with rubber, so there is no risk  of fibres entering the vaginal wall surface as there is with tampons.

5. Menstrual cups can be worn at night, also during activities such as sports, including swimming and yoga.

6. Menstrual cups permit  you  to see and monitor your  own flow that is menstrual it’s collected rather than absorbed by the glass.

7. Menstrual cups contain more fluid than a tampon and therefore need changing less often than tampons do.

8. Menstrual cups collect menstrual fluid instead of taking in it, consequently they do not restrict the healthy environment that is vaginal the way that tampons can.

9. When correctly inserted, menstrual cups are incredibly dependable and comfortable which you forget they even exist.

10. Menstrual cups are less inclined  to cause the dryness and thrush that some women experience with tampons.

Have you thought to try a menstrual cup you love it.. for yourself and see why.


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